Unusual Places to See in Winter Russia

Thanks to its distinct four seasons, Russia attracts numerous travelers from around the world every single year. Summertime is green, sunny and warm, whilst the Spring season is radiant and crisp with a range of festivities and events to celebrate the end of winter.

During the colder months, Russia becomes even more of a popular destination. The fall months see the temperatures drop and wonderful shades of red, orange, and yellow begin to appear in nature. And the winter is the main season for tourists in Russia; this chilly, frigid winter is one of the best places on earth to visit if you love the snow and don’t mind cold temperatures, thanks to stunning famous attractions that look even better in the snow plus a wide range of exciting winter activities.



When it comes to spending winter in Russia, there are plenty of highlights that shouldn’t be missed with some more unusual than others. You can experience the many awesome well-known milestones and chronicled structures of Russia in the snow. The Red Square, Catherine’s Palace, and the Hermitage are some examples of must-see attractions for a winter visit to Russia. And there are several winter-inspired activities to take part in. You can experience ice skating on lakes and ice rinks, snowmobile safaris, sledding and much more. Or learn about the culture and way of life of olden-day Russian clans like the shamanistic Yakuts of Yakutia or the indigenous Nenets of Yamal. You can check out popular Russia itineraries to find out more about some of the best things to do in winter.


See The Northern Lights:

If you’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, then Russia is the perfect destination to make this a reality for you. Spend part of your trip hunting for these world-famous lights; one of the most famous and well-loved natural phenomenon on earth and a must-see on the bucket list of almost every traveller out there. You can see the Northern Lights with a visit to the Kola Peninsula in Russia’s Arctic. Follow this link to find out more about Northern Lights vacation packages 2019/2020.


Visit the Coldest Place on Earth:

Even if you don’t mind the cold, you have to be a brave kind of traveller to pay a visit to the coldest occupied place on earth, known as Oymyakon. This area is located in northeast Russia and is a rural location known for being the coldest town in the world. In the past it has been used for a World War II airfield, and the two surrounding valleys trap wind inside the town, creating the colder climate. Here, a temperature under fifty degrees in winter is normal, so be prepared!


See Lake Baikal:

The most profound freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal spans an estimated massive 1600 meters and at present, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage rundown. During the wintertime, this lake becomes completely solidified, making it a top tourist attraction with activities such as ice skating readily available for everybody to take part in.


Tips to Keep in Mind:

Russia is a stunning and unforgettable place to visit in the winter, but it’s important to bear in mind that this isn’t your regular vacation, even for the colder time of year. Making sure that you are comfortable and safe in the freezing temperatures should be a top priority. Make sure that you keep your body completely covered with warm clothing as your skin can freeze in under ten minutes; there is a high risk of frostbite.

Russian winters are extremely harsh but for many travelers, that’s just another part of their charm.

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