Two Yucatecan tourists drown in Campeche

Yucatecans Lucia U. G. and Aracely K. U. were vacationing in the neighboring state of Campeche, when the boat on which they were touring Isla Aguada overturned.

Two Yucatecan women, 47 and 17 year-old, drowned on Sunday August 18th, after the boat where they were traveling capsized, as they were taking a tour near Ciudad de Carmen, Campeche.

The women, originally from Calcehtok, in the Yucatecan municipality of Opichén, were part of a group of people who traveled to the state of Campeche on a family trip.

Everything was going fine, when around 10:30 am on Sunday August 18, they boarded a boat to take a tour to Isla Aguada to watch the dolphins.

Twelve people went on board the boat, and they were about to set sail, the strong swell and the air gusts caused the boat to tip over throwing passengers into the sea.

Apparently, the women were unable to go up to the surface and drowned. They were identified as Lucia U. G., 46, and Aracely K. U. 17.

On the ground, passengers were treated by local paramedics and taken to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

For his part, Opichén Mayor Ricardo Ordoñez said that after hearing the tragic news he sent a commission, as well as relatives of the deceased, in a vehicle property of the municipality, to carry out the legal procedures to bring the bodies back to Yucatán, and provide the necessary help to those affected.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from diariopresente