Parents of children with cancer block Mexico City Airport

Lack of medication worsens and parents of ill children blocked all access to Terminal 1 of the International Airport of Mexico City.

CDMX (Agencias) – Due to the lack of medicines and care in hospitals for children with cancer, dozens of parents blocked the access to the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

“There is money for the ‘ninis’ (young people who doesn´t study nor work, who Lopez Obrador government give a monthly allowance) but not for chemotherapies and medicines,” parents said on the first day of classes for thousands of children in Mexico City.

About 50 parents denounced that there is a serious lack of medicines in the Children’s Hospital of Mexico, Federico Gomez and the National Medical Center 20 de Noviembre.

The protest in front of the airline counters in the lobby of Terminal 1, lasted two hours. From 1320 to 1530 hours.

Last Friday, the director of the ISSSTE National Medical Center November 20, Alfredo Merino, accepted in an interview, there is shortage of medicines for hematology and children’s hospital cancer wing, due to a delay in distribution.

Lopez Obrador constantly denounces the corruption of the former PRI and PAN governments, yet, there was NEVER a shortage of medicines for children with cancer.


The Yucatan Times

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