Packing Tips for a Yucatan Beach Vacation

The Yucatan Peninsula is a top-rated tourist destination in Mexico. With pristine beaches, beautiful waters, and a host of activities for all ages, it attracts visitors and locals from near and far. Add to that the charm of Cancun nearby and the Mexican way of partying, and Yucatan is ideal for a family vacation, a spring break with friends, or for a couple on a honeymoon.

No trip to the Yucatan is complete without a day, or a few, on the beach. Typically, a beach day comprises of putting on a swimsuit and some sunscreen, and that’s about it. But when in a foreign country, it is always good to take a few extra precautions to make sure your vacation is hassle-free.

Now, before you even think about packing, it’s essential to plan your trip. Remember that Yucatan can become very crowded on weekends, and during the holiday season, so if you are looking for some peace, go during the off-season. But if you don’t mind mingling with people and sharing the beach, visiting during the tourist season is a blast as the entire region truly comes alive around this time.

The Right Clothing

There are three aspects to packing for a beach vacation. The bikini or swimming trunks are, without a doubt the most important. If you plan to be on the beach over days, carry a few extra pairs. The best thing about bikinis is that they don’t weigh anything.

Next up, you need to be ready for those sultry Mexican nights. The Yucatan peninsula is party major, and you would want to experience its nightlife. So, make sure you carry a nice dapper suit or semi-casual eveningwear for such occasions. The clubs here are ideal for that sexy black or red dress you have hanging in your cupboard.

Lastly, footwear is equally important. You need beach slippers for your time on the sand, sandals to walk around freely during the hot days, and a pair of cute heels or shoes for the night outs.

Sun Block and Medications

We all love the sun, but it has its negatives. In this day and age of global warming, it is even more vital that you carry a good sunblock. More importantly, there is now a growing consciousness about using environmentally friendly sunscreen so that the chemicals don’t harm the coral reefs. Furthermore, if you are sensitive to the sun, remember to visit the beach either in the morning or late afternoon.

With regards to medications, it’s always best to carry a few regulars in your bag. Bug sprays, stomach and flu over-the-counter medicines, any particular medication you use, and a small medical kit are travel essentials you should not leave your home without.


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Beach Accessories

For a worry-free beach excursion, it is always best to carry as little on you as possible. Avoid any jewellery that you have to take off and keep cash to the limited. A small backpack to store a change and a waterproof bag for the electronics make it easy to keep everything organised. However, don’t forget your snorkelling gear to enjoy the beauty of the peninsula that lies under the sea.


The Yucatan Times