From August Thursday 15 until Sunday 18, different musical acts will take place on the renovated international boardwalk of Progreso: Rich Ayala and his piano; Yax Verdura and Misael Azcorra, on the violin, as well as DJ Jaov and Paul Michel and David’s saxophone, as reported by the City’s Tourism Director, Manuel Rosado Heredia.

Additionally, at the Chocolate Pier, the Troveando Salsa Group will be performing on Friday Aug. 16th at 7 p.m. as part of the Velada Junto al Mar (Evening by the Sea) program. People are invited to bring their own container (or Yeti) to help reduce the use of disposables on the beach.

According to a statement, Rosado Heredia received the technical secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Development (Sefotur) of the State, Raúl Paz Noriega, and some 30 tour operators from Mérida travel agencies on Wednesday August 14 and conducted a tour of the international boardwalk.

Operators said it is a good strategy to listen to their suggestions to optimize the activities in the area and offer new itineraries to their customers.

Rosado Heredia replied that “every observation is significant to us; Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi wants the international boardwalk to attract more tourism and improve the visitor experience.

“We intend to make the area more accessible for people with disabilities, installing ramps, special signage, bathrooms, shaded areas and even promote weddings on the beach.

“We are working with these ideas and we are in the best disposition to enrich the boardwalk tourism experience,” he said.

He stressed that cruise tourists are already passing by the international boardwalk aboard the trucks that tour the city and, at the request of their operators, the different accesses were cleaned.

“Now we are working to adapt and improve the beach entrances, as the tour operators have suggested,” he continued.

He added that they intend to make an interesting and attractive tour that will allow to highlight the local flora and fauna, in addition to the whale skeleton that has been placed at the end of the boardwalk.

“We want to create a route that makes the species that exist in the port known and, at the same time, promote their protection,” he said.

Paz Noriega said that since the mayor invited them to the inauguration of the international boardwalk, “we saw a great tourist potential, not only for local people, but for national and international tourism as well”.

“Having this circuit of more than one kilometer in length helps us to provide additional activities for national and international tourists,” he said.

The state official declared: “the beach services available complement perfectly well the offer that Progreso has and can be further enhanced in the future, hence the importance of operators providing ideas to improve” .

Paz Noriega took the opportunity to urge society to conserve the area: “It is an important investment that the municipal and state governments have made in Progreso; keeping the  boardwalk clean and contributing to turn this Yucatecan port into an attractive tourist destination. ”

The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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