Municipal Economic Development and Tourism Office positions Mérida as one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico

Mérida’s Municipal Economic Development and Tourism Office has been doing an outstanding job in terms of promotion, poisitioning “The White City as one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Mexico and the world.

Mayor Renán Barrera Concha said that in the last year Mérida was, by far, one of Mexico’s tourist destinations with greater demand among national and international tourists, since only in municipal modules of September 2018 to date, 69,397 visitors have been attended, compared to only 41,152 during the same previous period of time.

“This represents a 68.64% increase in the number of visitors served by the City of Mérida”, said the mayor.

“These figures indicate that Mérida is on the right track and that motivates us as a City Council to promote more actions and programs that attract more people and families from other parts of Mexico and the world to our city. Mérida’s prestige has been earned due to its safety, the beauty of its Historic Center and the warmth of its people”, he continued.

In that sense, the director of Municipal Economic Development and Tourism, Eduardo Seijo Solís, explained that through the tourist information department, 476 guided visits were carried out in the Historic Center, with the participation of 10,540 tourists of many different nationalities.

He added that as of January 2019, visits to the interactive module increased by 19.08%, from 8,851 to 10,540 tourists served. “Now a new tour was created in which the splendor of the Paseo de Montejo is shown,” Seijo Solís said.

Mayor Renán Barrera said that this panorama is also due to the quality of life and the good services that the city offers to citizens and visitors, hence families from other parts of the country and the world adopt Mérida as their home and decide to settle down in our city.

He added that, in addition, the City Council works on other projects that contribute to trigger the arrival of tourism, as is the case of the Mérida’s participation in the gastronomic show currently held in Holland, highlighting one of the main ingredients in modern Yucatecan cuisine, the Dutch cheese (coomonly known in Yucatán as queso de bola) “Gallo Azul”.

(Photo: SIPSE)

“What is intended with these projects is to continue promoting Mérida’s prestige in the world so that more people from other regions and other countries get closer to our roots and traditions, and get to know the essence of our identity”, the mayor said.

Barrera Concha stated that the City Council will continue working to give strong momentum to events that help position Mérida in the country and the world as a tourist, gastronomic and cultural destination of relevance, as is the case of the White Night (Noche Blanca), the Merida Fest and Restaurant Week.


The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from Mérida’s Municipal Economic Development and Tourism Office.