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Mexican edible insects: The new superfood?

by Yucatan Times
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For most people in Mexico, eating bugs has become normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer.

Insect cuisine is growing in popularity. Ancient traditions are mixed with modern flavours to make the environmentally-friendly menus more appetizing to new consumers.

The end results are dishes like ant larvae grilled in garlic and cilantro sauce or fried stink bugs served with a side of guacamole.

No only in Mexico, but round the world, the edible insect industry is projected to be worth $1.2 billion USD by 2023.

Researchers have long known that insects contain nutrients that are healthy for humans. For example, NC State postdoctoral researcher Sofia Feng created an emergency food from mealworms and sweet potatoes that she described as resembling Cheetos. The mealworms were a good source of protein and healthy fats.

Some insects, like grasshoppers, meal worms and black ants, had the highest levels of polyphenols, or antioxidant chemicals that can be naturally found in plants.

Travel can offer good exposure to insect delights. Tourists usually go back home to tell the tales about eating fried ant eggs in Oaxaca, Mexico, along with worm salt made from roasted caterpillars and seasonings.

Besides nutritious, grasshoppers are also crunchy, tasty and salty, mixed with a little bit of salt, lime juice and pepper, they can be enjoyed watching a movie just as if they were popcorn.


Sources: Al Jazeerahttps://www.newsobserver.com

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