Merida English Library making progress on expansion project

The Merida English Library is making great progress on their expansion project!

The entire construction area has been excavated and existing structures have been demolished.  (Goodbye to the women’s bathroom!)

The foundation has been laid for the new building, and the walls for that building are up. The roof has been poured, and two new bodegas and three new bathrooms have been laid out.

The area for the new fosa septica (septic system) has been excavated, and the new system should be in place next week. The stairs to the second story have also been started.

They are definitely on the right track and on budget to complete this phase of the construction by or before November 1.

There will be three new bathrooms, two new bodegas for storage, a meeting room, new kitchen area and front patio, and a second floor roof-top terrace.

So prepare for a great autumn/winter season at MEL!



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