Meet “Chilaquil” Conkal’s new K-9 agent

Chilaquil, the police dog from Conkal, Yucatan is about to start its training to formally join the Municipal Police of that community.

Its history began in the streets of this municipality, where the dog wandered until it was adopted by officers of the Conkal Municipal Police, as well as by local people, who fed, bathe and keept Chilaquil in good health conditions for months.

“Conkal criminals beware” wrote a citizen on social networks

In exchange for this attentions, Chilaquil was always aware of everything going on the territory in his charge, and taking care of all Conkal inhabitants, and he was always arond the police officers.

Therefore, he earned a place in the corporation and a few days ago he was sterilized and formally adopted by the law enforcement agents.

Chilaquil, el perro policía de Conkal

Now, this faithful dog is waiting to be trained, in order to join the Canine Squad and become a police dog with a “badge”.

Very soon Chilaquil may be the canine commander of Conkal thanks to the support of the Police and the people of this municipality.

Conkal is located 17 kilometers (10 miles) north of downtwon Mérida (INEGI)

The Yucatan Times Newsroom