International tourism figures decline in Campeche

“Due to the attractive packages offered by tour operators and travel agencies, the number of national tourists increased by approximately 12 percent in Campeche this summer. However, the number of international visitors decreased 10 percent”, said Jorge Manos Esparragoza, head of the State Tourism Secretariat (Sectur).

The official described last summer season as excellent, due to the growth registered, noting that thousands of tourists from other Mexican states come to Campeche, especially from the center and north of the country, who stay for a day or two, without complications and without worrying about the criminal situation that prevails in other states, as Campeche remains as one of the safest entities in the country.

“However, in terms of international tourism, the numbers are down, and Campeche needs to work on new strategies to attract more international visitors and make them stay longer” said the Tourism Secretary.

According to Sectur figures, of the total visitors registered during the holiday period, 90 percent were national and the remaining 10 percent were international. The tendency of a few years ago used to be 75/25 and even 80/20 in proportion, which demonstrate that Campeche needs to be better promoted at international tourism fairs.

Manos Esparragoza stated that  Campeche’s State Tourism Secretariat will continue to look for strategies aimed at taking advantage of its natural and cultural attractions, in order to position the state as a world-class tourist destination.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from