Indigenous communities are against the Santa Lucía Airport Project

Representatives of the group of indigenous communities from the municipality of Tecámac, State of Mexico, processed nine writs of amparo against the construction of the new airport of Santa Lucía.

The claims were presented in federal courts of Naucalpan and two of them have already been sent to the Fifth Administrative Matters Court of Mexico City, the agency where the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) ordered to concentrate all amparos against the works of the airbase of Santa Lucía.

The rest of the claims have not been sent to Mexico City because the judges asked the complainers to ratify signatures and clarify names, among other matters of the process.

The group of communities from the municipality of Tecámac are afraid of losing part of their territory, suffering from a water collapse, and other affectations to their daily life due to the project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In their demands, they criticized the omission of federal authorities to perform a study about the people and communities that will be affected socially by Santa Lucía International Airport, and the lack of a previous indigenous consultation in all the affected towns and communities.




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