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How to Start Repairing a Car Yourself?

by Yucatan Times
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Do you want to learn how to repair a car yourself? Can you imagine how cool it will be to eliminate the disfunction yourself? If you are not confident in your skills, it is always possible to learn how to repair a car yourself.

Of course, you do not need to immediately try to remove the engine or gearbox from the car and try to repair them. It is the same as that in middle school instead of elementary mathematics, you will be taught the Laplace transformation. Start with the basics.

First of all, you will need:

  • Step by step, study the materials you have to work with.
  • Purchase the tools. You should not necessarily buy expensive professional kits: find out the best offers by following the link epcatalogs.com.
  • Learn five easy repair options, which in case of wrong actions, will not cause serious damage to the car and will certainly bring moral satisfaction from the fact that you could do it yourself.


For example, if you need to replace the spark plugs, you have to start from the following:

  1. Remove the plugs.

Carefully disconnect the spark plug wires. Take a socket wrench with extension and ratchet, slowly begin to unscrew the plug counterclockwise.

  1. Do not mix the wires

If you have an old car, mark each wire so that you do not confuse the order of their connection to the spark plugs.

  1. Installing a new plug

It is very important to choose the necessary spark plugs that are suitable for a particular brand, year of production, and car model. Follow the manual or the brochure from the auto parts store.

  1. Using a plug`s head, accurately tighten it 1/8 of a turn or use a torque wrench. Hauling can lead to the destruction of the thread in the engine, and this is very bad.

 You can also easily learn how to make the following repairing:

  • Engine oil change;
  • Air filter replacement;
  • Replace incandescent lamp;
  • Change the brake pads.

Some of the dysfunctions that are found in a car, in fact, may only seem so. Often, faults are the functions that are developed by automakers to protect passengers and the driver of a car. For example, when the car makes sharp turns, you may suddenly feel as if someone is grabbing the steering wheel. Many people at such moments think that the steering is damaged. However, in most cases, you have nothing to worry about. Most likely, such sensations happen because of the operation of the electronic vehicle stabilization system, which interferes with the movement of the vehicle to prevent drift.

Anyone who drives a car has faced or will face dysfunctions. Many of them may scare you. However, having learned the basics of repairing, you will be able to deal with them yourself.


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