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“Conspiracy-Theorist-In-Chief” by Clay Jones – Opinion

by Yucatan Times
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You have to give Trump supporters credit in one area. They’re really consistent with being inconsistent.

The same people who were crying that Democrats were politicizing murders after the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton are silent or defending the president of the United States spreading conspiracy theories after the suicide of pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, if they’re not spreading those conspiracy theories themselves.

Republicans have been promoting conspiracy theories about the Clintons being murderers or having people killed since 1993. The “Clinton Body Count” is very popular with the sect of conservatives who don’t need evidence or logic to base an opinion. So, it was no surprise that within minutes of it being reported that Epstein had committed suicide in a federal detention center that memes accusing the Clintons of murder flooded the internet, as well as #ClintonBodyCount trending on Twitter.

For some reason, the people who couldn’t hide a consensual sex act between Bill Clinton and an intern can successfully cover-up dozens of high-profile murders. Also, one has to be a moron to first look at the Clintons as being the perpetrators of a murder disguised as a suicide of a person in the custody of Donald Trump’s Justice Department.

So of course, since only morons propagate this bullshit, Donald Trump contributed to propagating this bullshit.

Bill Clinton had very real ties to the registered sex offender billionaire, as did Donald Trump. Clinton did fly several times on Epstein’s private jet, though none of those trips appear to have been to Epstein’s notorious private island which is really popular for the Trump cult to discuss. Donald Trump also had connections, even flying on the same plane and having been accused of committing rape on a minor at an Epstein party. None of this means either of those men had Epstein killed.

Republicans have long been defending Trump’s racism and stupidity. Kellyanne Conway took to the networks to say Trump was only saying there are questions that need to be asked. OK, then. Why doesn’t he ask the people who work under him instead of retweeting a right-wing conspiracy theorist? Other conservatives have complained about the media labeling this as a conspiracy theory and that their doing so isn’t journalism. It’s funny that people who can’t identify a conspiracy theory, as this fits Webster’s definition of one, are judges of what qualifies as journalism.

Trump was a conspiracy theorist long before he ran for president. He was the biggest champion of the birther campaign, that President Obama was ineligible to be president because he was born in Kenya. He helped push a conspiracy theory that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He has claimed climate change is a hoax created by China. He floated the idea that it wasn’t Russia hacking the DNC, but some fat guy on a bed in New Jersey. He claimed President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. He’s pushed the deep-state theories. And now, he’s pushing the theory that the Clintons killed someone his government was responsible for.

Donald Trump is irresponsible and he doesn’t care about ramifications of his tweets and words, whether it’s mass shootings or feeding distrust of the government on fucknut message boards like 8Chan, which is populated by QAnon conspiracy theorists. But, maybe Trump is actually stupid or mentally unbalanced enough to believe in these conspiracy theories. The man has access to the best information resources on the planet, and he refuses to use them, preferring the beliefs of the chemtrail crowd, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un.

Former Trump staffer and supporter Anthony Scaramucci has now endorsed there at least be a discussion of replacing Trump on the ticket. Hey, Mooch. This conspiracy, destabilizing stuff from Trump isn’t new. We’ve been saying this since he started the birther crap years ago. He’s not any more unstable today than he was in 2014. But, thanks for taking a wobbly stand after all this time.

The spreading of lies, even absurd and easily-debunked conspiracy theories smack of tinpot, fascist dictator tactics. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, who once literally pitched a tent on property owned by Donald Trump, claimed those rebelling against him were wayward 17-year-olds, “given pills at night, hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe”. During Arab Spring, the Egyptian government accused dissenters of being enticed by Kentucky Fried Chicken. North Korea has told their citizens that Japan literally stole time and used that argument to set their clocks back 30 minutes. Also, Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger. Putin has told the world that the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to protect itself from terrorism, a lie Trump has repeated.

People who unquestionably believe leaders are followers of a cult. While it’s nice that Scarammuci has left the cult, at least temporarily, the rest of the Republican party is still on the Kool-Aid.

For the sake of their nation, Trump supporters need to stop believing this man is anything other than an unstable, racist, sexist, lying, narcissistic idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to drive a golf cart, less enough direct a nation.

Journalists and even private individuals on social media need to practice responsibility when it comes to conspiracy theories. Wait for facts. For a president, facts should be a priority, not Twitter memes that rile up a racist, stupid base of supporters.

We’re supposed to be better than this. Start acting better than this. Be better than Donald Trump.

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