Business summit’ in Mérida to unravel the conflict created by AMLO´s government

MERIDA Yucatán. – The heads of Mexico´s business sector and companies linked to the construction of the Texas-Tuxpan gas pipeline will meet in the Yucatan capital to try to reach an agreement regarding the works.

The country’s business leaders will meet today and tomorrow in Merida, with representatives of the Government, members of Congress and executives of the companies IEnova and TransCanada to try to unlock, the dispute related to the terms of the contract for the construction of the Texas-Tuxpan marine gas pipeline.

As we have previously reported, Mexico´s business sector is trying to mediate in the conflict between the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the companies involved in the construction of the pipeline due to the importance of the project, since it would provide natural gas to the Peninsula and avoid the constant blackouts.

The presidents of the country’s business organizations arrived yesterday afternoon, among them the presidents of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar; of CONCANACO, José Manuel López Campos; CONCAMIN, Francisco Cervantes, and of CANACINTRA, Enoch Castellanos.

In an interview, the president of Concanaco, José Manuel López Campos, said that these meetings will consider sustainable alternatives for energy generation, since the Yucatan Peninsula requires electricity at a lower cost.

He stressed that in the event representatives of civil society, entrepreneurs, authorities and specialists in the field are participating and will discuss and propose sustainable and sustained alternatives for power generation in the southeast of the country.

In recent years, the energy demand has grown with the increase of the population, industrial and tourism sectors in Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo.

This issue has been manifested to the Federal government in multiple occasions. The Yucatan Peninsula, is going through an energy problem, due to the insufficient supply of natural gas to the region and requires precise and immediate solutions to avoid greater impacts on the domestic, industrial and tourism sectors, which suffer from blackouts and the cost of higher tariffs.

Representatives of the civil society, entrepreneurs and specialists in the field consider indispensable to have an agreement between the CFE and the companies that built the pipeline from Texas to Veracruz and from Veracruz to the Yucatán Peninsula, so that the sufficient supply for the production of electricity is properly channeled.


The Yucatan Times