Banxico to introduce new 200 Peso bill in September

Banco de Mexico (Banxico) continues to surprise the public with a new generation of banknotes that improves security measures, while paying homage to the country’s historical identity and natural heritage, the 20 and 500 peso bills being the first to be introduced.

Now it is the $200 bill’s turn, and although the famous “Sor Juana” bills will not stop circulating, the new banknotes, featuring independence heroes Miguel Costilla y Hidalgo and José María Morelos on one side and the El Pinacate desert biosphere reserve on the other, will enter into circulation in September.

However, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz will not disappear from Mexican currency – she will be featured on the new 100 peso bills, which will be issued after the new 1,000-peso note is introduced in 2020.

The new 1,000-peso notes will pay homage to the Mexican Revolution, with images of Francisco I. Madero, Carmen Serdán and Hermila Galindo on one side, and Campeche’s Calakmul Biosphere Reserve on the other.

According to the General Director of Issuance of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Alegre Rabiela, the decision to replace the country’s 500-peso and 200-peso notes first was made because they are the most widely circulated and most counterfeited bills.

As previously stated by the Bank of Mexico, all denominations of the new generation of banknotes will circulate along with the current bills, which will maintain their value and will be gradually withdrawn from circulation as they deteriorate and are retrieved by the banking system.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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