29 year-old woman commits suicide in Valladolid

VALLADOLID.— A 29 year-old woman committed suicide at her home, where she lived with Valeria Vázquez, who was supposedly his sentimental partner.

According to data provided, the woman lived in a plot located on Calle 14, between 35 and 37 of Valladolid’s Colonia Militar.

Valeria Vázquez arrived at the house on Friday August 23rd, around 6 in the morning, after leaving work; but she could not enter the premises and took off thinking that her girlfriend had left the house. And as she returned, around 9 in the morning, she found D.C’s ex-husband, Angel C. Estrella, who said he was there because relatives of the now deceased received telephone messages in which she was “saying goodbye”.

Both made the decision to force the door of the house, and as they entered the room, they found the young woman hanging with a rope around her neck, tied a hammock.

The site was cordoned off by the agents of the Municipal Police and hours later by agents of the Prosecutor’s Office entered.

Relatives of the deceased arrived at the site to identify the body and forensic experts of the Prosecutor’s Office initiated the corresponding ivesstigations.

Forensic Medical Service Personnel (Semefo) removed the body at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

  • Support lines for suicide prevention:
    Save a Life, AC, 9-24-59-91.
  • Comprehensive Program for the Attention of Suicide (PIAS), 9993-10-36-62 
  • E-mail programapias@hotmail.com
    Free mental health support line: 01-800-00-00-779.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from yucatan.com.mx