Whale skeleton one of the new attractions of the International Malecon de Progreso

The restored skeleton of a grey whale has been recently unveiled on one of the new stretches of the Progreso Malecon.

This is definitely one of the main attractions of the International Malecon de Progreso, along with the beach carousel.

The whale attracted a huge crowd when it debuted on Friday July 12th, and during the whole weekend.

However, it seems to be vulnerable to mischief-makers or careless visitors. So municipal police officers have been assigned to protect guard it 24 hours a day, as was announced by municipal officials.

“It’s a naturally fragile exhibit, its 310 pieces are glued together and completely exposed to the elements. It will need special waterproofing treatment every three years. Its metal brackets are meant to keep it together during storms”, a local official stated.

Even during its assembly, it was clear that some ribs were fractured, which occurred when the four-ton, 15-meter / 49-foot whale stranded on a nearby beach back in 2016.

Visitors have been asked to be mindful of doing anything that might harm the exhibit.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom