Tree falls down in Santa Lucía, downtown Mérida

The Directorate of the Municipal Police of Mérida in coordination with the Directorate of Municipal Public Services and the Fire Brigade removed from the public road a tree that fell down in front the Church of Santa Lucía.

The Municipal Police took notice of the branches of a tree that were left half way down the road on Calle 60 without injuring anyone. For that reason, the corporation deployed a roads and security operation in the area to prevent someone from being injured.

The Mérida Fire Department unit 865 came to the site along with the Public Utilities Parks and Gardens squad to cut the branches and clear the street to traffic, while municipal and police workers raised debris and shrubs to unit number 5 of Municipal Parks and Gardens Department.

Finally, the only damage that was registered, was in the fence of the Church of Santa Lucia as well as part of the front wall of this historical monument, however it did not represent any danger to pedestrians or motorists.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom