Transexual individual and religious woman argue after same-sex marriage was rejected by local congress (VIDEO)

As published on The Yucatan Times Monday July 10th, with nine votes in favor and 15 against, the law that would allow equal marriage in Yucatan was again rejected. Representatives of the PRI political party, said they would vote in favor of the proposal, however, in the end they voted against it.

In the Congress of the State of Yucatan, an assembly was held for the second time this year, to determine whether or not to approve same-sex marriage in Yucatan, during and after the assembly, different scenes captured the attention of the local media, because each side defended its position.

A transexual individual got involved in a controversial discussion with an elderly religious woman, both expressed their point of view and the dialog was caught on video by dozens of journalists and civilians who surrounded them while they argued.

The nun pointed out that she is against same-sex marriage because she thinks that children have to be able to make their decisions until they reach a legal age (over 18 years old).

“All I want is for our children to have the opportunity to decide for themselves, if they are gay or not, when they reach a legal age,” she told the transexual.

The trans woman (or man), complained stating that the elderly woman did not know that transexual people are now recognized as such by law, as she is officially categorized as a “Transexual Individual” on her INE identification.

Among the strongest accusations heard was the question made by the trans subject, who yelled outloud: “if your son is gay …What are you going to do? Are you going to hate him? Are you going to drag him to your church?

The atmosphere around both of them was really tense, but they did not disrespect each other at anytime.

Meanwhile, members of groups that claim to be “in pro of the family” gathered and cheered to support the congress decision.

And on the other side, those who support same-sex marriage demonstrated their rage, when the initiative was  refused for the second time in three months at the Yucatan State Congress.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom