Shoplifters are using children to steal at Merida’s supermarkets

Employees at different Merida’s supermarkets say that there are parents who use their children to steal, especially shoes. Thefts in local supermarkets have significantly increased in recent years.

Although the presence of security personnel in several supermarkets in Mérida has increased, the “wave” of robberies continues, as there are about five holdups per day, according to several store managers, who indicated that that thieves are using their children to commit the robberies.

According to the managers, who asked to remain anonymous, the criminals resort to the last boxes because there is not much vigilance in those areas, and they are mostly women, who use their body and clothing to store the stolen products.

For example, some women use belts in which they can put cans, bags of pasta and powder milk, which according to the security guards are some of the most common stolen products.

An according to the security personnel, these people have also used children to steal shoes. “After they get away with a pair of stolen shoes, they come back in to see if they can grab a new pair, and sometimes they do it several times a day,” the employees mentioned.

Among the latest seizures, the security guards of a well-known supermarket in the east of the city, indicated that one person was caught stealing five shorts and several shirts. In the case of a teenager, she was caught stealing underwear too.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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