Pre Hispanic Mexico, the ultimate trip for the solo traveler

Sceptical of this kind of travel, I had been persuaded by friends to try it at least once as a traveller of rather advanced age and after mixed experiences with travelling alone.

The external conditions were ambivalent, as – apart from me – there was only a much younger and fitter couple, who had originally set out on an active trip.

This gave our tour the character of a private trip which undoubtedly had a lot of advantages. On the other hand, I had expected a little more company of what should be my travel peers, especially in the evening.

All the credit for the trip still being a complete success belongs to Kevin. He is an archaeologist with heart and soul, is a mine of information on stories and experiences in this field and can further illustrate those if necessary by a collection of photos and sketches. But he is also very familiar with the languages and customs of the many – partly indigenous – peoples.

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