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Meet the Maya “perrito” houses made in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Comfortable, fresh, thermal and beautiful. Pamper your pet by letting them rest in a Mayan-style casita.

Young Yucatecan architects have created the Mayan houses for pets; they seek to rescue the traditions and also offer the mascots all the comforts. The Mayan perrito houses have different sizes, protecting pets from the rain and the high temperatures that predominate in the region.

Photo: @archipeture Facebook

Mauricio Poot Trejo, founder of “Archipeture”, explained how the idea came about:

“The main reason why Archipeture is created is a problem that is primarily personal; people protect their pets as long as possible, our pets are usually in our home when we are in it, but when we go to the movies, to make pantry or equis thing, then we leave them outside the house and that’s when we create the house for them and when we cannot be present they can be protected”. “In Yucatan, temperatures above 38 degrees are predominant during the year; these houses protect the pets from heat and rain. The climate of Yucatan is hot, sometimes the rain comes out of nowhere and it is important to say that the houses do not leak and are completely for outside, the main benefits is the thermal sensation of being inside them. Pets will always stay cool since the “casitas”  have cross ventilation” Poot Trejo said.

Photo: @archipeture Facebook

The “Mayan perrito houses” are made of red grass and are none toxic to animals, from this material are made the palapas that exist on the Yucatan beaches. They are handmade and work hand in hand with the Mayan communities for their production; they have a life span of 10 to 12 years; they can also be for cats, rabbits and even pigs.

Its acceptance has been very good because it is a miniature traditional Mayan house. Several people loved it and I am passionate about it as an architect. We have all been inside them, and what can be better than to  give our pets a nice area where they can feel comfortable protected when we are not at home,” said Mauricio Poot.

Mayan perrito houses are made in different sizes, from the smallest for breeds such as Chihuahuas or pugs to the largest as akitas, german sheperds or Great Danes.

The large size has a weight of up to 120 kilos so it makes them resistant, the costs range from $1,500 to $5,000 pesos.

In the Mayan communities you can observe these houses, they are fresh and comfortable; and now the pets can rest in them; it gives them not only tranquility but also the identity of the Yucatan culture.

You can find Archipeture in Facebook for more information.


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