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Loneliness: Sickness Of Our Times?

by Yucatan Times
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Being lonely is hard. It would seem you can do whenever you want to, don’t adapt to anyone, realize your potential. However, most women and men are very sentimental: they need love, they need to feel protected. As well as society perceives the absence of a partner as something different from a social standard. It’s hard for a lonely person to come back home in the evening, and at the same time, it’s difficult to give up freedom.

When Loneliness Leads To Suffering

According to research, women regardless of age and life experience feel lonelier than men. That’s exactly why women seeking men willing to start building relationships with a decent, reliable partner. This applies to all but one group: people who are not in a relationship. Married women who feel the lonely crowd out married men, while single men consider themselves lonely more often than single women. For some reason unknown, there is one clear suggestion as to why this may be true. Women are often more socially active; thus, they maintain not only romantic relationships but also close friendships.

Women tend to appreciate a close relationship; but since it takes more time and energy to maintain such relationships than to maintain a simple friendship, women tend to have fewer friends. If such close relationship fails, women may feel really lonely.

Men prefer to have lots of acquaintances. They feel the least lonely when they are in the circle of friends, family and their chosen one. However, it is men who become very sentimental when feeling lonely, and they often refuse to admit it. The more courageous a person is, the less chance he is going to try to somehow fix the situation.

A person can’t be alone the entire life. Anyways, you will be looking for a way to expand your social circle, and in order to do that, you will have to solve your psychological problems. This, according to psychologists, is the main drawback of loneliness. Nevertheless, sociologists believe the main problem of lonely people is the need to get used to themselves. Studies show loneliness adversely affects the longevity of both men and women.

Why Do People Choose Being Lonely?

Single, but not alone; one in three European citizens choose such a lifestyle. Sociologists and psychologists are already talking about changing social values. Mankind has gone to this for the last half-century, and the so-called “female revolution” has been the impetus, since women have gained control over their own lives not hiding behind their husbands back anymore.

The traditional family concept has been necessary for easier survival and convenient descendants growth conditions; nevertheless, now such aspects are already relegated to the background. The single lifestyle also changes the economy: you no longer need to cook; semi-finished products and food delivery make it possible for singles to not even leave their house the moment they want to eat.

However now it’s really easy to find anyone in social networks, and the development of mobile applications allows you finding a company and sexual partners in a few minutes; that really simplifies people’s life making it more exciting and eventful.


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