Know These 10 Grilled Food to Be Eaten This Season

Grilled barbecue is one of the foods that is loved across the globe. The flavour that the grill infuses to your food is definitely amazing. This is why it has been a common trend for many people to learn the skill to cook and grill tasty food with a charcoal or gas grill during summer. 

Before you grill, you can always weigh the pros of gas vs charcoal grill at, and decide what is ideal for you. What you need is the skill, the tongs, and the food to grill to make this season worthwhile. Here are 10 grilled foods to be eaten this season. 

  1.   Corn on the cob 

Corn on the cob is typically a healthy and tasty food you should not miss this season. It is easy to grill and it counts as a great serving and a vegetable. Corn is also high in fibre, and you can always enhance it with your favourite toppings including salt and butter. 

  1.   Chicken 

Chicken is sweet and versatile lean meat. If you love to eat your chicken to the bone, grilling is the best method of cooking to explore. You can cut your chicken into strips, over a vegetable salad, grill it boneless or go for breast meat fillet for a juicy grill. 

If you love your grilled chicken spicy, consider chicken tikka. It is delicious food that allows you to enjoy the amazing flavours of red chilli, lemon juice, garlic paste and ginger used to marinate it before grilling. Boneless chicken is perfect for your tikka. 

  1.   Fish 

Fish is worth your consideration during this season. Grilling fish requires a skill. Cut out the fish into filets and grill on low heat. A gas grill is ideal for fish and you can always spice it with pepper and have it with baked potatoes. 

  1.   Steak 

Steak is amazingly delicious when grilled. As steak juices drip down the grill, the aroma is inviting. This is one of the foods that spice up this season. Choose the best steak and grill it with different vegetables for a healthier feast. 

  1.   Ribs 

Getting your hands on grilled ribs is exciting. You only need to get quality back ribs and have your chef grill it for you. Glazed ribs make excellent grilled food and you can always spice it up with your favourite sauces. 

  1.   Hamburgers 

Instead of running to your fast food joint for burgers, why not enjoy this season with homemade hamburgers. Decide on the seasonings and spices to use on your burger. What’s more, you can choose to grill small or medium-sized burgers and have them in the shapes that you desire. Beef burgers will always give you a quality unique taste for a delicious grill. 

  1.   Hot dogs

Hots dogs are cheap, easily available and they can be quickly grilled in large quantities. You can have your hot dogs spicy or in other variations. 

  1.   Shrimp

If you love seafood, grilled shrimp is the best option for you. Shrimps are tasty and you only need to get the bigger ones for easy grilling. Use skewers to keep your shrimps for falling through. 

  1.   Shish Kabobs 

Shish kabobs are not only popular Indonesia, but it has been a favourite summer option in many parts of the globe. It is a grilled dish that combines chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, and turkey etc. These meats are skewered on sticks and cooked directly on a hot grill. The beauty of Shish kabobs is that you can choose the type of meat to use for your unique variation. You can also buy ready to be grilled Shish Kabobs from different meat joints. 

  1.     Bratwurst 

Bratwurst is available in great spicy varieties. It is best to grill if you are tired of hot dogs. Get your favourite bratwurst and get grilling this season. 

A great alternative to bratwurst is a kebab. It is easy to make and you can always go healthy by choosing leaner proteins such as turkey, chicken or fish.


For The Yucatan Times, Food and Drink