How Long Does Vape Juice Last and How Should You Store It?

How long does vape juice last? Can you store it in a way that extends its shelf life? Find out the answers in this guide.

There is much diversity when it comes to the consumption of marijuana. Vape pens, in particular, provide the ability to maximize the primary content in marijuana. So what next after purchasing the vape juice?

You’ll need to store it in a certain way that it serves the purpose long enough. You also need to know how long the vape juice’s shelf life is.  So, how long does vape juice last?

The driving factor in storage time is how much you are vaping. The rate of your vaping will determine how long the vape juice will last. You may also store for future use and sale. What does it take to store your e-juice properly?

Here are some of the vital storage tips.

1. Take Note of the Expiration Date
Like any other product that you would pick up at the store, it is essential that you check the expiry date. If you vape regularly, checking the expiration date may seem irrelevant to you. Reviewing the expiration date will aid in knowing the vape juices’ shelf life.

Checking the expiration date will help in knowing how long you can store the vape juice. When buying in bulk, it goes without saying that you should check the expiry date. Even so, you should take note of the manufacturer’s date as well.

Knowing the manufacturer’s date will enable you to know how long the e-juice has been on the shelf. Some vape juices may lose flavor over time. Check the dates on the vape juice to choose new and worthy products.

2. Keep Away from Light and Heat
Fact is, vape juices are sensitive to heat and light. Exposure may lead to loss of flavor and reduction in quality.

When storing vape juices, ensure that you store in a cool and dry place. Keep the vape juice away from direct sunlight and hot spots.

3. Refrigeration
When you want to store for an extended period, then cooling may be the key. It is the best way to store the vape juice for a long time without exposure. Freezing can be an option but can lead to loss of flavor.

Refrigerate when also buying in bulk to ensure that the vape juice remains conserved and flavors still intact. There are many ejuice storage tips, but refrigeration acts as the best since it reduces exposure and bacteria activity.

4. Avoid Plastic Bottles
When looking to store for a long time, it is advisable to store in glass bottles. In the case of bulk buying, consider vape juices in glass bottles. A dark-colored glass bottle is preferable since it will ensure that the e-juice remains unexposed.

So, How Long Does Vape Juice Last?
There isn’t an exact amount of time that vape juice last. It depends on the amount that you have and how much you vape. The answer to this question lies in how much vaping you do. It’s as simple as that.

For bulk purchases, ensure you have enough storage facilities and keep track of the dates on the bottles. Even so, ensure that you have refills to make sure that you never run out.

The question of how long does vape juice last should not be a concern to you any longer. Follow the simple guidelines and you will have your vape juice staying for long.

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Jamie Ross
The Yucatan Times