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How Does Filtered Water Provide Balance to the Body?

by Yucatan Times
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A balance of fluids in the body helps in preventing diseases related to fluid imbalance. Such diseases commonly affect organs such as the kidneys and the lungs. 

When the body fluids are balanced, the pH level of the body measures 7.4 (slightly alkaline) which is also the pH level of the blood when the body is in this state. For an individual to remain in a healthy state, it is best for the body’s pH to remain at that level. 

Filtered water is water that has run through a filtering screen containing carbon. The filtering screen frees the water from impurities and contaminants get stuck in this screen.

Filtered water has several benefits such as its purity (as minerals have been removed from it), its work in the risk’s reduction of cancer, the removal of toxins and its fresh taste.

Above all, the one benefit of filtered water that is regarded as the most important is the fact that it helps in maintaining the pH level of the body and keeping the body fluids slightly alkaline.

But how does filtered water really do this? The answer lies within the process of filtration which is quite a complex one. The process starts with reverse osmosis (RO). This process (i.e. RO) assists in the removal of about 90% of man-made or even natural contaminants. This is the first stage of purification. In the second stage, another process is started up to remove any residual contaminant found within the water. After this, charged particles, as well as man-made inorganic contaminants (that are about the weight and size of a molecule), are taken out. These minerals and contaminants could also be carcinogenic. The molecular substance left following the second stage is polished after removal. Following this, there would be a second mineralization process.

Note that reverse osmosis is a complex process and there are several reverse osmosis (RO) systems. To see the best RO systems that can be used, you can check out this article on RO systems according to CleanerSofterWater.com

Filtered water is the best fit for human consumption, hence its ability to help in keeping the body’s balance. In a case where the pH level of the body is to be regulated, the importance of the filtration process is elevated above everything. Filtered water keeps the body nourished and hydrated, unlike tap water which may have contaminants present in it.

Final Thoughts

To maintain the body’s overall health and to keep it from certain diseases, it is essential to maintain the body’s PH. In a case where the PH is not properly balanced, then an environment in which the body is highly susceptible to diseases will be created. It is not enough to know that filtered water is great, but drinking good amounts of filtered water is highly necessary. By testing your saliva using litmus paper (a saliva litmus test), you can know the PH of your body. The best way to maintain the body’s PH remains to drink a lot of filtered water.  



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