Guidelines for Foreign Residents in Mexico

Carolina Camacho Rojas, MBA and former director of the Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Immigration Office) in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, says that Foreign Residents Must Follow Certain Guidelines

Foreigners who reside in Mexico for more than six months out of the year are required to file for a residency visa with the Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Institute of Immigration).

Any changes, such as an address, marital status, or work status must be reported to the INM within 90 days.

Guidelines for Foreign Residents in Mexico
By Editor – June 29, 2019
The Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Institute of Immigration) advises Foreign Residents of the following:
Safeguard all documents attesting to your identity and immigration status, and present them as required by immigration authorities.

Use your Temporary or Permanent Residency Visa issued by the National Institute of Immigration when you leave and re-enter the country, in order not to lose your immigration status.

You can renew your Temporary Residency Visa within 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Temporary and Permanent Residents must report changes in their marital status, address, nationality, or place of work to the National Institute of Immigration within 90 days, or receive a fine of 20 to 100 days of the general minimum wage salary in force.

If you are outside the country when your Temporary Residency Visa expires, you can re-enter within 55 calendar days after the expiration date, and then apply for your renewal within 5 business days after your arrival. No sanctions will apply. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PERMANENT RESIDENTS, as that visa must be current for reentry.

If your immigration document is lost or stolen abroad, you must present yourself at the nearest Mexican Consular Office to process the replacement of your visa. These replacement documents must be presented upon re-entry. When you are back in Mexico, you must present these replacement documents at your local INM office within
30 calendar days after your arrival to obtain your replacement visa.

If this is not done your immigration status will be classified as IRREGULAR, and you will be subject to the sanctions that proceed according to law.

These are important things that all Foreign Residents should know.

Source: INM