“Gran Motuleada” to be carried out for the first time in Motul (VIDEO)

On Sunday July 14th, Motul, Yucatán will carry out their “Gran Motuleada” for the first time ever. This activity consists in the “running of the bulls”, in which a group of several adult fighting bulls are set free and lead through the streets as far as the bull ring, in the style of the San Fermín festivity in Pamplona, Spain (commonly known as “La Pamplonada”).

In its first edition, the event will start on Sunday July 14th, at 4 PM, on the corner of Calle 29 with 24, in front of Motul’s municipal DIF facility, and the bulls will run through central streets all the way down to the Tabladeros Arena.

The authorities and organizers have announced this new event under the name of “Gran Motuleada”, and will be part of the traditional festivities of the municipality in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, “Feria de Motul 2019“.

This popular celebration featuring bulls was already held in Motul in February as part of the local “Carnaval” and it will take place during the “Feria de Motul” for the first time.

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) considers “La Pamplonada” as one of the most barbaric expressions of Animal Cruelty:

“The Running of the Bulls is a deadly event held at the San Fermín festival every year during the first week of July. Each morning, a rocket is launched to terrify six bulls—who are naturally high-strung and skittish—so that they’ll charge onto city streets lined by screaming tourists, who frequently hit them as they pass”.

“The panicked animals slip and slide down the narrow streets and often smash into walls, sustaining broken bones and other injuries. This violent atmosphere has encouraged cases of violence against women as well. There are numerous reports of sexual assaults during the “San Fermín festivities.”

Most tourists who go to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, seem oblivious to the fact that these animals will be dead in just hours. (Photo: PETA.org)

And so a bunch of people will run with the bulls through the streets of Motul, from the corner of Calle 29 and 24, all the way down to the Tabladeros bullring, at 4 in the afternoon on Sunday July 14th.

In social networks, several users have already shown interest in participating, and many have tagged their friends, who have confirmed attendance.

According to the “Feria de Motul” organizing committee, this type of bullfighting event is considered less aggressive for the bulls than a regular bullfight or the infamous “Lazo Tournaments“, where helpless horses get injured and even killed by the bulls.

The Yucatan Times condemns animal cruelty in any of its forms, and is against the mistreatment of any domestic or wild animal.

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