Alcoholism sends 5 thousand Yucatecans to the hospital

Due to the high consumption of alcoholic beverages that prevails in the state of Yucatan, almost five thousand people have been admitted to clinics and hospitals due to alcohol intoxication as well as cirrhosis and other related liver diseases so far this year, reported the federal Health Secretariat.

Millions of pesos are destined annually for the medical attention of injured people who were involved in car accidents under the influence of alcoholic beverages, as well as people with alcoholic liver disease and liver cirrhosis.

Although it is a common problem among men, the number of women affected is increasing.

Thousands of working hours are wasted when the employee stays in the hospital or is disabled because of the injuries or consequences of the illness he suffers (because alcoholism is a desease).

The National System of Epidemiological Surveillance (Sinave) of the federal Health Secretariat revealed that so far, there are 4,827 people affected by deseases provoked by ethyl alcohol, which means an increase of 15.5 percent, in the same period of 2018, when the figure was 4,187.

Yucatan occupies the first place at national level in  “acute alcohol intoxication”, registering 4,685 confirmed cases, which means an increase of 16.1 percent in comparison with the 4,034 cases recorded during the same period last year.

Acute alcohol poisoning is a problem of addiction that is out of control in the country, as 18,260 cases have been registered nationwide so far this year already.

The most affected age group is the one in productive ages (between 25 and 44 years of age), and when it comes to gender, alcoholism significantly affects more men more than women in the Yucatan.

119 positive cases of “alcoholic liver cirrhosis” have been registeres so far this year in the state, which shows a growth of 19 percent compared to same period last year, when there were 100 cases.

Currently Yucatan is located among the 14 Mexican states with the highest incidence, way above Quintana Roo with only 85 cases registered, and especially Campeche with 15 cases.

Regarding gender, of the total of cases in Yucatán, 4,451 are men (92.2 percent), and 376 women (7.8 percent).

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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