“Gremio del campo” (the guild of Farmers) have honored the Virgin for 66 consecutive years

MOTUL Yucatán (Times Media Mexico/Photos: Megamedia) – With the women and men dressed in their beautiful regional costume in order to visit and pay their respects to “La Virgen del Carmen” (the Virgin of Carmen) in her annual mass. Except this year, the guild of Farmers was more colorful than ever

The “Gremio de Campesinos y Agricultores” is made up of families from a sector of the city, that has celebrated 66 consecutive years of offering a mass to the Virgen del Carmen. Juan Nery Canché May, general director of the guild, indicated that the majority of the directive of the group are relatives that with great efforts, along with other collaborators, maintain this alive.

The guild left from calle 18 between 39 and 41 in the colonia San Carlos to walk about three kilometers to reach the church of San Juan Bautista, in the Center. The group was accompanied by the music of charanga and flyers that exploded on the way and upon arrival at the sanctuary.

The Maya mestizos carried banners, flags, ribbons, floral arrangements, pavilions and candles. In the church they received the blessing of Vicar Santiago Villa Reverte.

At the end of the mass, they returned to the San Carlos neighborhood, where they had tacos de relleno negro, cochinita pibil and horchata.

At night fireworks were burned, two little bulls, waterfalls, multicolored bombs and colorful pinwheels. Today the guild will enter a venue on 43rd Street between 16 and 18, where they will offer tacos of cochinita pibil and horchata.


The Yucatan Times