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Yucatan will end gradually with plastic and polyesterene in stores and restaurants

by Yucatan Times
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The LXII Legislature unanimously approved to modify the Law of Integral Management of Residues in Yucatan, to begin with the gradual elimination of straws and plastic bags, as well as polystyrene (unicel) materials, so it would be the third state in the country to materialize these measures.

In this way, straw and plastic bags should be eliminated, replaced and prohibited within a period of 6 months in commercial establishments near cenotes, natural protected areas and ecological reserves; in 12 months, in supermarkets, self-service stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, mercados restaurants and eateries; and in a period of 18 months, all establishments dedicated to the wholesale and retail sale of the indicated products will not be allowed to sell them anymore.

In the case of polystyrene containers, the measure will be applied in a period of 12 months in commercial establishments that are close to cenotes, protected natural areas and ecological reserves; In addition, within 24 months, in supermarkets, self-service stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, markets, restaurants and eateries.

In ordinary session on Wednesday June 12th, the chairman of the Environment Committee, Harry Rodríguez Botello Fierro (PVEM), warned that single use plastic containers are highly polluting and they are damaging the different Natural Protected Areas of the State, whether federal, state or municipal jursidiction,  and that more than 8% of the total area of ​​the state has been already affected.

Yucatan has now joined Hidalgo and Baja California Sur, as the first three states in the country to legislate and roundly prohibit the use of straws, plastic bags and polyesterene containers, determining a gradual ban of these materials in all of the state.

Representative Janice Escobedo Salazar, stated that the 106 municipalities that conform the state of Yucatán, have six months to modify their environmental regulations, homologate them with the new regulations, and act against the climate crisis that is signficantly damaging the planet, especially the pollution derived from the excessive use of single-use plastics, which has damaged fauna and flora in both maritime and terrestrial environments.

Source: Poder Legislativo del Estado de Yucatán

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