Tropical wave brings more rain to Mérida and the rest of the Peninsula

According to the national meteorological service, heavy rains are expected in a large part of the Yucatan Peninsula due to Tropical Wave # 2, which is moving over the southern part of the region.

Conagua specialists forecast storms (50 to 75mm) for the center, northwest and south of the state of Yucatan, while 25 to 50mm are forecasted for the rest of the Peninsula .

Thunderstorms with electrical activity and gusts of strong wind are not ruled out.  The population is recommended to take precautions.

Temperature and wind speed
As for temperatures, maximum values ​​of 33 to 37 degrees Celsius are expected for Yucatan (between 95 and 98 Fahrenheit), while maximum for Mérida is 36 degrees Celsius.

Wind from the East-Southeast from 15 to 25 kilometers per hour (10 to 20 miles per hour), with gusts greater than 45 kilometers per hour.

Source: Conagua