Three horses were badly hurt during a “Lazo” tournament in Panabá, Yucatán

Lazo tournament in Panabá (Photo: Twitter)

TIZIMÍN, YUCATÁN.- Three horses were badly hurt during a “Lazo” tournament held in the town of Panabá last weekend. According to two violent videos posted on social networks, the animals would have died due to the severity of the injuries.

In the footage that went viral at regionl level, the attack on two horses is clearly observed. However, assistants confirmed there were three animals badly injured. In the videos more than 10 riders can be seen in the ring.

Yucatán’s “Lazo” Tournaments tradition or animal cruelty?

Torneo de Lazo en Seyé, Yucatán (Photo:

The mayor of Panabá Jorge Jiménez Luit declared that he was not aware that this event was going to take place. “The municipality issued the permit for the event, but we were not aware that it was going to be a “Lazo” Tournament,” the mayor said.

Activist says “Torneos de Lazo” must be banned in Yucatán

However, versions indicate that Panabá mayor, Jorge Jiménez Luit, was among the organizers of the event, and to this regard the municipal president stated: “That is totally false, I love horses, I would not allow such a thing, this is animal abuse and mistreatment, and I am against that”.

Panabá mayor Jorge Jiménez Luit


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