Teenager gives AMLO “the finger” during his visit to Mérida

Mérida, Yucatan.- On Saturday June 22, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the state capital, and while he was delivering his speech, the camera caught on video a young woman making obscene gesture with her middle finger.

During his visit to Merida, Yucatan, while talking about the social program “Jóvenes construyendo el Futuro” (Young People Building the Future), all of the sudden, the people began to laugh out loud, when one of the assistants, a teenage girl, was caught showing her middle finger.

AMLO asks the cameramen to move the camera horizontally, so that all the people can see themselves on the screen. “Look, we’re all there”, he said., and then continued with his speech.

During his message, the president announced that in the state of Yucatan an energy generating plant will be created from natural gas so that residents do not suffer from blackouts as in recent days.


The Yucatan Times