Mototaxis Ecológicos de Yucatán protest against human rights violations by Kanasin mayor

Humberto Canul Pinzón

The board of Mototaxis Ecológicos de Yucatán, chaired by Mr. Humberto Canul Pinzón, announced that a protest caravan will be marching down the streets from the Kanasin baseball field, all the way to the Government Palace of the State of Yucatán, in downtown Mérida.

The march departed this morning at 10 AM, from Calle 14 (between 25 and 27), next to the Víctor Cervera Pacheco baseball field and is heading to the Plaza Grande.

The mototaxi drivers’ leader Humberto Canul Pinzón, said: “We are holding this peaceful demonstration in protest for the repression and persecution carried out by the mayor of Kanasín, William Román Pérez Cabrera, against the mototaxi operators, which clearly violates our human rights and affects our families”.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom

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