Mexico’s “bomberos” are helping Canada fight wildfires

Alberta, Canada – With more than 20 wildfires raging in northern Alberta, on Tuesday, 101 firefighters from Jalisco, Mexico hit the ground in Edmonton, where they joined the other crews from across Canada and the United States that are battling the blazes burning in provincial forests.

The Canadian government says rain in recent days has helped firefighters. In the Grande Prairie Forest Area, the wildfire danger has been brought down to low because of the wet weather in recent days, and around 8100 people from northwestern Alberta are being allowed to return to their homes as threats from wildfires diminish.

However, the Chuckegg and Jackpot Creek wildfires remain out of control. The Chuckegg blaze has burned over 332,000 hectares since May 12, while the Jackpot Creek fire has burned over 77,000 hectares.

Crews from America headed home over the weekend after holding the 273,045 hectare McMillan Complex fire in the Slave Lake area.

In a social media post, Alberta Wildfire said that much work remains to be done before some of the bigger wildfires can be classified as under control, and thanked the firefighters from Jalisco and all of the other people from around Canada and the United States who have come in to assist in firefighting efforts.