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Managing Your Money Made Easy: 7 Tips To Money Management

by Yucatan Times

Managing your money, particularly with a much larger family, is something that can have a profound effect on your day to day life. With unexpected bills and other financial emergencies causing many to opt for a same day loans provider, it may seem tempting to follow suit. However, these are reserved for financial emergencies only and therefore paying for this out of pocket is far more beneficial. Here we are going to look at 7 money management tips to help you spend wisely regardless of your budget.

Create A Savings Account
One of the main parts of saving your money is having a savings account in place to store your savings until needed. This does not have to be the very best in saving accounts with the best payments, but it should be enough to hold your money without losing you any potential profit. This can be done either online using online banking or in the bank to ensure that you have the guidance that you need to make the most out of your savings.

Pay Off Debts
Saving your money can also be increased by paying off any outstanding debts that you have. Although it may seem tempting to pay it off over time, it may be more beneficial to pay it off in a lump sum as this will drastically reduce the costs that you are paying out per month. By doing this you then have more money to put aside at the end of every month making saving significantly easier as a result.

Narrow Down Your Spending
Once you have paid off your debts it is vital that you monitor where the money is being spent and begin to reduce the amount of money you are spending in certain areas. This will help you to manage your finances as it will allow you to cut costs on treats such as fast food or nights out drinking and save the money for financial emergencies or put it aside for elements such as fuel or other emergencies that you may find yourself in. This will then help you in the long term as unexpected bills can be paid for out of pocket with ease.

Get A Personal Finance App
Another way for you to save yourself money in the long term is through a personal finance app. With several free to use personal finance apps on both Android and IOS devices, you can have the power of money saving at the touch of a button. This can be linked to your bank and can help you to save money with every purchase. Whether you are looking to round up every purchase and save the extra money or looking to monitor your spending and see where you can cut back this will help you to save whilst on the go. This is ideal for those living a busy lifestyle as this will help to monitor the spending immediately after every purchase.  

30 Day Rule
Another way to save money and monitor your spending is through the 30-day rule. IF you set your heart on something you are looking to buy, it is important to give yourself 30 days. If you find yourself needing this product multiple times within 30 days, then you know it is an investment worth making. By continuing this practice month after month, you can ensure that you are spending your money wisely whilst avoiding the impulse to buy the item immediately.

Stick To Your Budget
If you have a budget in place for the month it is important to ensure that you stick to it. Not only will this give you more money to save for a financial emergency or even a nice holiday away, but it will also help to reduce the stress and make ends meet. This budget should include the price of your home bills, daily commute and other elements of your daily routine and should then account for a little bit of spending money as a treat. This will help to maintain a steady stream of spending without getting yourself in debt in the meantime.

Coin Jar
The final way that you can maintain your finances is by saving any loose change that you may have lying around. Whether this is through saving the loose change in your purse in a jar or even keeping loose pennies in a pile and changing them up, this can help to encourage you and your family to save money in the long term.

Regardless of whether you have just begun a full-time job, or you are looking to spend to save money for a brand new holiday, there are a number of tips out there to help you achieve exactly that.


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