“It is easier and convenient to avoid coping with responsibilities and difficulties in life” (Irrational thinking)

“Bravely face the problems and difficulties of life.”

“Our characters today are Don Roch and Doña Tila, his wife.

One day, they had a son who was seriously sick at birth. His health was fragile, so they decided to protect him from any risk.

In time, they got used to constantly watch for the child’s safety and pleasure. They did not allow him to do anything by himself for fear of him getting hurt or sick. They did not set any kind of limit or discipline. Out of fear of conflict, they indulged all the kid’s whims and justified all his nonsense.

The boy grew up and the doctors diagnosed that his illness had lasted only a few months after he was born, but that now he had acquired a much worse illness: he was an arrogant and lazy young man. ”

An “irrational” belief is that it is easier – and better – to avoid problems and conflicts, than to face them at the right time.

When people avoid their daily responsibilities, difficulties or problems, it may be pleasant and easier at the moment, but in the medium or long term, they will realize that it is not convenient to do so, because-sooner rather than later-there are many serious consequences.

Let the bad decision made by Don Roch and Doña Tila, serve as a “mirror”.

In addition, if you become accustomed to not strive to solve your everyday difficulties, you will become incapable of overcome even the slightest of obstacles.

Self-discipline is the quality that will help you face and solve satisfactorily the -great or small- problems of life.

by Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, clinical psychologist, UVHM.
Specialist in intervention and education for adults,
MATIA Gerontological Institute.

Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, is a 60-year-old Yucatecan graduated from the School of Philosophy and Theology at the San Ildefonso Archdiocesan Seminary in Yucatán. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist from the Hispanic University of Mexico, specializing in cognitive impairment, psychostimulation and psychological intervention in older adults, by the MATIA Gerontology Institute of San Sebastian, Spain. He has 32 years of experience working directly with seniors and families.


Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, psicólogo clínico, UVHM.
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