“If something is dangerous or frightening, I will feel terribly worried about it happening again and again” (irrational thinking)

“Too much preoccupation can be fatal …”

“Once upon a time there was an old man who lived happily in a beautiful port on our Yucatecan coast. He was able to interpret the signs of nature almost to perfection. He knew the meaning of the colors of the sky, the shapes of the clouds, the direction and intensity of the wind; he knew that when the peje -as the man used to call the fish- stopped biting, the arrival of bad weather was imminent.

In the summer of 1989 our old friend was very pre-occupied by the supposed arrival of another, even more devastating hurricane. Stronger than hurricane Gilberto, the most devastating in the history of Yucatán, that hit the Peninsula in 1988, and that made the “old sea wolf” literally lost everything he had in the world.

In order to protect himself, he covered the windows of his small shack with wood and locked himself inside, just waiting for tragedy to occur.

The hurricane did not arrive. Sure that it was a miscalculation, he kept waiting and his pre-occupation became a deep and widespread anguish.

The old man could not go out to sea anymore, because as soon as he stepped into his boat he started to feel dizzy, and that feeling turned into a real vertigo whenever he saw the immensity of the ocean in front of his eyes, and worst of all, little by little he abandoned the three things he loved the most: the sea, his boat, fishing.

Finally, in the winter of ’94, the old fellow died alone inside his shack, with the windows still covered with wooden boards, devastated by a tragedy that he himself fabricated by worrying too much about something that never happened. ”

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

by Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, clinical psychologist, UVHM.
Specialist in intervention and education for adults,
MATIA Gerontological Institute.

Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, is a 60-year-old Yucatecan graduated from the School of Philosophy and Theology at the San Ildefonso Archdiocesan Seminary in Yucatán. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist from the Hispanic University of Mexico, specializing in cognitive impairment, psychostimulation and psychological intervention in older adults, by the MATIA Gerontology Institute of San Sebastian, Spain. He has 32 years of experience working directly with seniors and families.


Antonio Alonzo Ruiz, psicólogo clínico, UVHM.
Manejo de Emociones y Envejecimiento.
Facebook: Antonio Alonzo
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