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Can Bitcoin Technology Change The World?

by Yucatan Times
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Cryptocurrency has completely revalorized the way we utilize and manage money. It has the potential to change the way we bank, transact, and store our money. Over the years, bitcoins have gained significance all around the world. It is a digital currency that is taking over the traditional currencies.

Bitcoins have made transactions easy with no heavy taxation or transaction fee, and it doesn’t require any intermediator to govern its transactions. Just like regular money, bitcoins are earned and can be used to purchase or sell anything. They can also be exchanged for dollars, euros, or other currencies.

How Bitcoins Work?

You can invest in bitcoins by purchasing a bitcoin wallet. You can then buy it from various bitcoin payment service providers. You should find best brokers that offer Bitcoin trading before investing in this digital currency as it can be a risky business.

Bitcoins use ‘blockchain’ technology to calculate money and for making transactions. Every transaction is recorded in the blockchain that only you can access. Based on this technology, bitcoins have the potential to bring about some radical changes in the world.

Future of Bitcoins:

Sending money abroad to your friends and family usually takes a lot of time and money. Bitcoin technology reduces the amount of time and cost of sending money abroad. The participating banks are linked with blockchain.

The IDs and compliance are checked automatically through the cryptographic signatures. Transactions are settled within seconds through this process, leaving a transparent record on both sides.

Since 2017, bitcoins are growing consistently, and they are the largest investment in the technology. It has created better opportunities for various sectors like cyber security, financial sector, mobile app development, and many others. Large corporations are seeing great possibilities by investing in bitcoins.

Tech giants such as Microsoft and Dell are allowing their customers to pay with bitcoins. Merchants dealing with bitcoins are also increasing every day. Bitcoins allow to transfer money without the involvement of a third party and have a low transaction fee.

To buy a house you have to pay a hefty amount of registration fee along with stamps duty charges on multiple records and books. Through digitalization, bitcoins allow you to avoid the third parties and offer you the product and services at their costs.

Bitcoins are a game changer in the financial field as the money transfer fee is reduced. By avoiding these unnecessary bank and credit card charges, businesses will increase their sales profits. Apart from this, bitcoins can be made useful for people who don’t have a bank account but have access to a mobile phone. 75% of the world’s population usesmartphones. Mobile phone applications can facilitate bitcoin payments to make transfer easy and free of charge.


Bitcoin and its technology have the potential to change a lot in the near future. Blockchain technology can bring about economic, social, and technological changes in the world. Bitcoins would have to pass the test of trust, time, and reliability to be accepted by the world. The advancement in the cryptocurrency industry will force governments to accept and regulate it.


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