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AMLO bowed and Trump threatened Mexico… Again. -Editorial-

by Yucatan Times
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Lopez Obrador celebrated in Tijuana “that the issue of tariffs to Mexico has been fixed”. But he does not tell the Mexicans that he violated the country’s sovereignty, that there was NO negotiation and that Trump imposed his will.

Lopez Obrador does not tell the Mexicans that Mexico will now be responsible for safeguarding the southern border and for that 6,000 troops will be sent. Mexico will have to receive ALL the migrants who return from the United States and give them asylum in every sense, at our cost.

Lopez Obrador does not tell Mexicans that those foreigners who enter Mexican territory illegally, to migrate to the U.S., must be retained in Mexico, and our country will pay for the entire process of admission or rejection of those migrants, for as long as it takes.

Lopez Obrador does not tell Mexicans that Mexico will have to buy more than double the American products in this period and that this agreement will last 90 days, after which, if Mexico fails to comply, something new will occur to Mr. Trump and again we will be threatened.

In short, Lopez Obrador was frightened with what we call in Spanish “El petate del muerto” (in English,  “the dead man´s blanket” which is a Mexican proverb that refers to someone pretending to cause fear without just cause) and bent down before Trump, AMLO caved and negotiated with fear, although he says it was prudence. He allowed himself to be intimidated and opened the door to many more threats in the future of his presidency, being today the first of many more to come.  

Canada, North Korea, China, Iran and even Venezuela have had confrontations with the United States, but they did not allow themselves to be defeated, as now Mexico did and that is why Trump will not respect López Obrador’s government. 

Mexico bowed to the whims, threats and tantrums of Trump, who now knows López Obrador’s weak point and will show no respect to him and his government. AMLO hasn´t realized this is all part of Trump´s way to manipulate the media away from the multiple investigations he is facing and part of his reelection strategy which is based in fear mongering by constantly portraying Mexico and the immigrants as imminent dangers, making its followers brains “light up” in fear like a Christmas tree.

Fear will keep Trump´s followers focused on safety because they think their protector has arrived, no matter how crazy or highly offensive his remarks are.

This is just the beginning… there will be plenty more to come.


José E. Urioste Palomeque

The Yucatan Times

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