91 year-old man stabbed to death inside his home in downtown Mérida

During the afternoon of Sunday, June 9, two men stabbed a 91 year-old man to steal 14 thousand pesos from his pension.

The events took place around 3 pm on Calle 69 (x 32 and 34) downtown Mérida, where two individuals entered the home of a 91-year-old man and attacked him with a knife to rob him of 14,000 pesos of his pension.

The assailants fled the scene, leaving the man lying on the floor and fatally stabbed.

The body was found by his daughter who came to see him around 3 in the afternoon and encountered him in a pool of blood. Although she immediately called the emergency services, paramedics could not do anything because the victim was already dead.

State police agents arrived at the crime scene to initiate the corresponding investigations, and they conducted a search operation that resulted in the arrest of two suspects.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom