65 year-old German citizen tries to kill himself in Tecoh, Yucatán

A senior German citizen tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in his home in the community of Tecoh, 34 kilometers (21 miles) south of Mérida, after he received a mysterious phone call, but his relatives were able to rescue him alive, called 911 and the man is now hospitalized in stable condition.

The events took place around 10:00 AM on Thursday June 20; the 65 year-old man was at his home on Calle 29, in the town of Tecoh, Yucatán, when he received a brief phone call; and minutes later he threw away his cell phone and then threw himself to the floor crying in total despair, before the astonished look of his family.

Suddenly the got up and went to the patio of the house, but when several minutes passed and his relatives noticed he was not returning, they immediately went to look for him and found him with a rope around his neck, hanging from a ciricote tree.

The family members were able to untie the man, and get him down while he was still breathing, then they requested the help of emergency services by calling 911.

The paramedics managed to stabilize the patient, and then moved him in an ambulance to a Mérida hospital.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom



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