The protesters blame López Obrador for dividing Mexicans, corruption and restricting freedom of speech within media.

Ciudad de México. (TYT) – Singing the National Anthem in the Angel of Independence, is how the march against the government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, began, five months into his administration.

AMLO we demand your resignation

Between slogans for the unity of Mexicans and reproaching the administration of the federal government the contingent congregated before 11 am on Sunday. Screams and shouts ceased to give way to the so-called “March of Silence”, called through social networks.

President respect the law and the institutions
  • President: if you violate the constitution or force your cabinet to do so, you can be impeached “
  • “You divide, you don’t unite”
  • “Andrés Manuel, thief of hopes”
  • “Freedom of the media”

Were some of the written messages of the demonstrators. The walk was from Paseo de la Reforma towards the capital’s Zócalo. Most of the citizens interviewed specifically said they are not associated or are part of any political party , yet all of them, protest against Lopez Obrador populism, corruption practices such as direct contracts without tendering or AMLO´s well know authoritarianism.

Thousands of people gather against AMLO´s government

With an electoral register of 89.3 million people, Lopez Obrador received almost 30 million votes, the remaining 59.3 million votes were divided amongst the other parties and candidates, which means that in Mexico there is currently a great polarization, division and bitterness among society. Never in the modern history of Mexico a president has started its term in the condition Lopez Obrador currently is. 


JJ Argaez for The Yucatan Times

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