Suspect accused of homicide in Progreso pleads innocent

When questioned about the accident in which Carlos Enrique Cáceres Cetina lost his life back in August 2016, suspect Juan Manuel Kantún keeps saying he was not behind the boat’s wheel.

MÉRIDA.- “I was not driving that boat … I am innocent”, delcared Juan Manuel Kantún during the trial in Mérida, Yucatán on Tuesday May 7, 2019.

Since last week, evidence has been released at the Oral Justice Center of Merida (CJOM) that could prove  Juan Manuel is not responsible for the fatal incident recorded in August 2016.

The defense offered, among the evidence in favor of Juan Manuel Kantún, the statement of the accused, who has maintained his innocence since he was apprehended several weeks after the events.

Released with various restrictions, the defendant was put on trial, since he denies being the person behind the wheel of the boat when the events occurred, near the Malecon de Progreso.

The Prosecutor General’s Office, according to his investigations, determined that there were several people on the boat, but that Manuel Kantún was in charge of the ship when the swimmer was injured.

The series of tests concluded on Wednesday and the verdict of three oral judges is expected to be announced soon, which will determine, unanimously or by majority, whether the accused is guilty or not.

Cáceres Cetina, who received a heavy blow, died in a hospital in Progreso, after medical attention was pointlessly provided to try to save his life. The defendant was arrested, and later sent to the Control Court.


The Yucatan Times Newsroom