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Specialized clothing for NASA is made In Valladolid, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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An astronaut suit must be technically perfect, as the comfort and safety of high-level technicians and astronauts operating in space is absolutely necessary for the prestigious National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

In this sense, the space agency relies on the skilled hands of Yucatecan artisans. And that’s why a factory in the Industrial Park of Valladolid manufactures all kinds of uniforms, boots, jackets, robes , among other items for the American space agency.

Installed less than a year ago in the Industrial Park of Valladolid, Grupo Alsico Promex has trained its workers in the handling advanced technology machinery, using technologically enhaced fabrics to supply the international market’s demand for high-end products.

The Valladolid plant was built with an investment of 52 million pesos (2.6 million USD), of which 90% of the capital comes from Belgium and the remaining 10% from Mexican investors. The plant provides employment to over 400 people, who manufacture products not only for NASA, but for other European customers as well.

The work of each employee must be accurate and precise because the slightest error in the process represents a garment without corrections that must be discarded, and of course this translates into economic loss for the company.

The suits ordered by NASA are produced exclusively for technicians and scientists who work within the international space station platforms and other reserved areas of the American company responsible for the civil space program, aeronautical and aerospace research.

The Valladolid plant works under strict supervision, following the agency guidelines. No garments can contain static electricity, all products must be insulated, and absolutely no loose threads or loosenings are allowed.

Photo: Grupo Alsico Promex

The group is also responsible for manufacturing special clothing for international pharmaceutical laboratories, such as Pfizer, where garments must offer total protection against all types of chemicals.

Grupo Alsico Promex also produces suits with the ability to instantly become ashes in contact with fire, without adhering to human skin. They also manufacture clothing for park rangers, firefighters, civil protection personnel and people who work in high temperature environments.

The managers of the company plan to expand to other municipalities in Yucatán and possibly produce stuff for the hotel industry too.

Source: Grupo Alsico Promex

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1 comment

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