Part-time job ideas for students

Student’s life is fun, but it can be hard when you’re strapped for money. There are many ways to fill your wallet during studying. Do not think you have to wait until you get your university diploma to start earning money. Continue reading, and you will discover a lot of great part-time job opportunities. It is a chance for many students to earn some extra cash without cramping your learning process.

Academic Tutoring and Writing
Ask yourself, which subject you excel in. It can be anything: organic chemistry, English, calculus, music, or anything else. Use your abilities and knowledge to earn some money by giving private classes to other students who struggle with the subject you know perfectly. We recommend setting an hourly rate per your class, discuss the main performance goals, and schedule a class once or twice per week to meet those goals. If you feel a bit uncomfortable to tutor students of your own age, it is also possible to work with high school students and help them get ready for the ACT or SAT. Students who love to work from home may consider assisting other students with their academic writing. You become one of the best speech writers for hire. Such services are in big demand. By writing academic papers for others, you will polish your writing skills at the same time. To get inspired by professional writing services, have a look at – an online writing company with one of the highest reputations.


Many people consider babysitting job as something reserved for teenagers, and they make a big mistake. This positive and easy job can bring you some extra cash. There are always some days of the week when you have no classes, so you can use this free time to babysit children, and help busy parents who are at work. You can babysit not only babies but elementary school students as well. Just plan a babysitting gig in the afternoon to pick them up from school and help with homework. The best way to find families who look for babysitters is

Fitness Trainer
If you love sports and work out on a regular basis, why not try to work as a part-time fitness trainer and get paid for what you like? You can work as a fitness trainer at your campus gym. Classes such as yoga, spin, Zumba, pilates, and many others are very popular among students. Working as a fitness trainer will keep you in excellent physical shape, but you will also feel grateful by knowing that you’ve helped people to be beautiful and healthy too!

Office Assistant
There are many departments on your campus, and some need an assistant to handle different responsibilities: answer phones, schedule appointments, or maintain files. Of course, it is not the job of your dreams, but it will help you improve your organizational skills and use them in your future career.

Freelance Designer or Writer
Nowadays, it is not a problem to work from home if you are a freelance writer or designer. It is an excellent job for students who are interested in journalism. You can easily find lots of writing/design projects at Upwork or similar websites. If you have a computer, a constant Internet connection, and excellent writing skills give it a try.

Tour Guide
Students who are outgoing and friendly can work part-time as tour guides. You can work on your campus or around the city. Check out if there are some job openings to become a campus tour guide. You will help many potential students and their parents.

Party Planner
Would you like to transform into a princess or a superhero? Some students find jobs by dressing up as a cartoon superhero for children’s birthdays. You will be paid for such a fun job. There are many types of characters and pricing per hour.

Remote Sales Representative
Students who have strong skills, experienced in fundraisers, should consider becoming a remote sales representative for companies such as Mary Kay, Amway, or Thirty-One. Working for such companies, you will be able to work from home. Such a job requires a little time and effort. If you devote a bit of time, it can bring in additional money flow.

Teacher Assistant
If you want to become a teacher in the future and get some additional cash, apply for a job as a teacher’s assistant. Check in with your professor and ask if there are any opportunities for you.

Work-Study Jobs
If you are interested in this choice, you should apply for the Federal Work Study Program. You will be offered part-time work, which will depend on your study schedule and abilities. It is possible to find work, which will be relevant to your main field of study.

Check out these options, and you will come away with an excellent looking bank account and a resume filled with work experience.


Guest post for The Yucatan Times