Mexico and Brazil sign agreement on beans and rice trade

Rice and beans are essential ingredients in Mexican and Brazilian cuisines .Mexico will allow Brazilian rice imports and Brazil will import Mexican beans, the two countries announced in a statement on Saturday May 11, when the main agricultural officials of both countries met in Japan.“The decision reinforces Brazil’s position as one of the Top 10 rice exporters worldwide and represents an important step to diversify trade relations with Mexico, a country with more than 120 million people that imports more than 80 percent of the rice that it consumes, “the Brazilian government said in a statement.Rice and beans are essential ingredients not only for the cuisines of both countries, but also to the way of life and culture of Mexicans and Brazilians alike.“We will receive Mexican beans and make it part of our main dish in Brazil, which is rice with beans,” said the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Tereza Cristina Dias, in a video posted on her Twitter account.The Yucatan Times Newsroom with information from El Economista