Mercado Lucas de Galvez to be remodeled

Lucas de Gálvez market, located in the Historic Center of Mérida, will be remodeled . Specifically the sections of tunnels in the lower part of the building, as well as the food area in the upper floor will be demolished.

The first of several meetings with officials from the Mérida  municipality was already held to talk about the renovation works, and it was said that the section of tunnels next to the the fish stands, will be demolished too.

The project also includes the demolition of the ramp leading to the food stands, which gave access to the handicrafts building years ago, and where the so-called section of “La Pepita” is currently located.

The interviewees indicated that the Subdirectorate of Markets of Mérida intends to relocate the jewelers to the premises of “La Pepita” while the works are being carried out in the three corridors that make up the section of the tunnels.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom