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Lawsuit against the Congress of Yucatan for rejection of same-sex marriage

by Yucatan Times
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Several groups of the LGBTTTI community in Yucatan are demanding the Superior Court of Justice of the state to sue the local Congress for legislative or normative omission for denying the right to same-sex couples to legally join in marriage.

According to the plaintiffs, among which there are also academics and human rights activists, the action of legislative omission is regulated by the Political Constitution of the State of Yucatan.

It is also contemplated by the Institutional Justice Law of the State of Yucatan and is intended to maintain the constitutional order in the state and can be promoted by any Yucatecan citizen in full use of their faculties and rights.

On behalf of the promoters of this lawsuit, the Yucatecan academic and college professor Ligia Vera Gamboa declared that this is one of the strategies that these groups decided to take against the legislative omission of the Yucatecan Congress that violates the human rights of the people with different sexual orientation.

“With the rejection of the reform that would allow same sex marriages, the Yucatecan representatives insist on a legal model that is currently obsolete, and they are institutionalizing discrimination in contradiction to the history of the state and the progress made in other states of the country, ” she explained.

“Now, the magistrates of the Superior Court of Justice of the state of Yucatan have the last word to recognize the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, transvestite and intersex community (LGBTTTI) of our state, in relation to concubinage and marriage in the legal and judicial orders”, Vera Gamboa continued.

On April 10 with 15 votes in favor and 9 against, the current legislature of Congress voted against the reform that would legalize same-sex marriage in Yucatan, a proposal that had been waiting for more than eight years to be analyzed and put to a vote.

The vote was secret, that is to say that no Yucatecan congress member explained in the public tribune the reasons to endorse or reject this reform, so now the struggle is for the initiative to return to be analyzed and voted without the use of secret suffrage.

The plaintiffs were accompanied by Milagros Romero Bastarrachea, a local representative of the “Movimiento Ciudadano” political party, who told the media that the initiative in favor of equal marriage can still “return” to Congress to be analyzed and voted again and the idea is to return and be analyzed again, during the current legislature.

“In case this second opportunity comes through in the current legislature, there would be a good chance for ithis initiative to be approved, but we know that some of the political forces of Congress have to intention to analyze it again, which would be a serious error, ” Romero Bastarrachea said.

Meanwhile, these and other groups also continue to gather signatures to pressure federal judges, magistrates and other political actors in Yucatán, to abide by the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that establishes that denying civil marriage to the people of the same sex, is a discriminatory act that threatens their individual guarantees and human rights.

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